September 2022


This month we’re celebrating our club and our shared love of single cask whisky. Get involved in The Gathering, this new collection of casks has been selected to bring our members All Together Now.

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Featured Bottlings


Thank goodness our Gathering is back to full throttle after the events of the past two years – we’re delighted to be back in full effect and able to encourage all our members to make a pilgrimage to The Vaults, to join one of the many events at our Members’ Rooms or partner bars across the UK and around the world – or even by joining one of our online events. Wherever you are, there are some stunning whiskies coming out in September to celebrate The Gathering and the endless variety that the Society prides itself on bringing members.

Flavour Profiles


As well as our Gathering exclusives, we have a cracking range of bottlings coming your way in this month's Outturn, whatever your whisky tastes or whoever you want to share one with.

Cask No. 82.43



PROFILE Sweet, Fruity & Mellow REGION Highland AGE 10 years ABV 64.2% CASK TYPE 2nd fill ex-bourbon barrel

We imagined a wicker basket containing cutlery, a tea towel and fresh grapes, strawberries, apples, pears, cherries and mirabelle plums. On the palate the latter led us from freshly picked apricots alongside roasted pears and macadamia nuts to the elegant, smooth flavour of a South Tyrolean mirabelle brandy.

Following the addition of water, the scent was that of herbal caramel-flavoured sweets, rhubarb rock and mint chocolate fudge. The taste was extremely creamy, like cookies with a gooey marshmallow dip, and we stayed figuratively in the Alps with that retro snowball cocktail of advocaat, lime juice and sparkling lemonade.

Cask No. 68.95



PROFILE Deep, Rich & Dried Fruits REGION Highland AGE 13 years ABV 58.1% CASK TYPE 1st fill ex-oloroso hogshead

Forget wine – we brought to the boil mulled ale with an IPA, honey, cinnamon stick, fresh ginger, cloves, crushed cardamom pods, lemon juice and served it warm with a curl of orange peel. On the palate we were reminded of cacao nibs, dried papaya and raisin walnut cookies as well as a slice of warm fruit cake.

Water added boozy cherry chocolate truffles and cinnamon buns but also an apple-chestnut soup with parsley croutons on the nose while to taste surprisingly fresh and vibrant – a Negroni riff called Count Mast, which swaps the classic Campari with Jägermeister. After ten years in an ex-bourbon hogshead, we transferred this whisky into a 1st fill Oloroso hogshead.

Cask No. 4.324



PROFILE Lightly Peated REGION Highland AGE 13 years ABV 59.5% CASK TYPE 1st fill ex-bourbon barrel

The nose evoked shredded twigs and leaves and well-fired almond croissants enjoyed among the sand dunes. The palate had dried kelp and smoked sea salt, chocolate limes and a background gristy, bran flake cereal note.

The reduced nose echoed this with rich tea biscuits and grain sacks, but also heather flowers and aloe vera bath salts. The palate developed dark chocolate with caramel and sea salt, coal dust and ash, herbs flaming on the barbeque and a white pepper finish. We combined selected nine year-old casks from this distillery and then returned the single malt into various casks to develop further. This is one of those casks.

The Gathering


Throughout September, we’re celebrating our quirky club, our shared love of sensational whisky and our fantastic global membership. There’s so much for you to get involved with in person or online, no matter where you are. Share your passion and get involved – you belong here!

Society News


Here’s a flavour of what’s been going on at the world’s most entertaining whisky club.

Where Flavour Comes Alive


September has come and the summer heat is behind us, so gather round our seaside campfire. Are you comfortably seated? Julien Willems embarks on a story of the Society’s trio of Peated flavour profile whiskies, a topic that will keep us busy through the short-lived autumn and into the threshold of Scotland’s night-soaked winter.

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